About the Limousine centre

Andy Hotton Associates (AHA) finds its origins in 1947 when young engineer Andy Hotton began a custom car and fabrication operation in the Detroit area. A graduate of the Ford Trade School in the late 30’s and responsible for tooling in the Ford Willow Run bomber plant during WWII, Andy was well known by Ford management and positioned to handle many special projects for them.

Some early and defining AHA credits include the handling package for the 1947 Ford Police Car, the 1963 Comet Run, the 1964 Thunderbolt dragster, the design of the first fastback Mustang in 1966, and the custom built 1963 ‘’Town Car’’ Limousine for The White House that was later exhibited at The New York World’s Fair. This led to the project that began the limousine business in earnest - the conversion of a series of Ford LTD’s to limousines for airport and corporate work in the mid 1960’s. By 1969 AHA was producing a uniquely styled line of limousine conversions on the Lincoln Continental Sedan.

In the mid-1970’s production moved to Canada where Mel Stein - a native Torontonian and a business associate of Andy’s from the late 1960’s - assembled the necessary skills and resources to continue the tradition of fine limousines started by Andy Hotton.

Over the last half-century, AHA has been actively involved in the design and construction of limousines, funeral cars, para-transit and emergency vehicles, ambulances, convertibles, movie and television vehicles, and the restoration of collector cars.

With its skilled and dedicated staff the company proudly continues the tradition of Andy’s work. The Limousine Centre specialises in luxury limousine conversions, parts, service, and restoration.